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TaylorMade MySymbol Golf Ball

TaylorMade's announcement of MySymbol will change the way people will look at golf ball customization forever. While golf has revolved around a number system for golf ball identification going back a very very long time, TaylorMade's MySymbol takes a very different approach to how you'll identify your ball in the future. The level of customization being offered by MySymbol will allow golfers to customize colors, symbols, logos and phrases imprinted on their golf ball. The options to customize your ball are almost endless.

What you need to know...

  • The Basics: The MySymbol golf ball customization program is currently only available on their premium TP5 + TP5X Golf Balls. The minimum order for MySymbol is 3 dozen golf balls.
  • Iconography: As the program kicks off there will be 100 symbols available which can replace the number on your golf ball or can be located on the side. Additional logos will be added over time. Some notable logos include: palm tree, cactus, multiple emoji faces, mustache, azalea flower, fireworks, christmas tree, pineapple and a sushi roll.
  • Wordsmith: You're only limited by your creativity. You can have four letters replacing the number/logo space on your ball or eight characters on three eligible lines when you add text to the side.
  • Taste The Rainbow: You can choose the color of the TaylorMade logo in order to match the style of your golf ball design. Colors available will include pink, orange, red, green, navy red and black.
  • Customization Engine: Half the fun is in the design process. TaylorMade has brought the process to life with a customization engine which allows you to customize your golf ball and see it come to life in real time. Best of all you can spin the ball on a 360° axis in order to see every dimple and how your ball will look when it arrives at your doorstep.
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